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One Application

Apply once to access our lending network. We handle the lenders as you sell. Stop the “submit and wait” cycle with Lenders Access. Faster, larger, and better paying offers?

One Network

With thousands of lending programs from hundreds of direct lenders. Lenders Access will leave your client with all the options they need at pricing they will appreciate.

One Process

The Lenders Access process is simple yet effective. We do the back office work while you are freed to originate more and build stronger relationships with your clients. Simple as that.

Your Agency doesn't sleep and neither do we.

Lenders Access was created by brokers for brokers. Business is a contact sport and our account managers are available by phone, email, fax, or even carrier pigeon if you choose.  Its all about choices.


Unlimited Phone Support

Lenders Access is always available by phone for your questions. Business funding is a contact sport and portals just don’t cut it in this day and age.

Simple Applications

Our simplified funding application is accepted by all lenders across our network. Just one application is all it takes to simplify your funding process.

Powerful Lending Programs

With over 2500 lending programs to choose from. Lenders Access is your one stop shop for all of your funding needs. We handle all of the back end operations while you focus on bringing in new business.

One Contact to All Lenders

You only submit your applications once to Lenders Access and we deal with the lenders on the back-end for you. This frees you from time consuming document collection, negotiation, and various other lender related functions.

Our Mission

The Focus is on You and Your Brokerage

Lenders Access has one purpose. We exist to see that our network receives the service, products, attention, and commissions they deserve on each and every loan. Imagine if you had a room full of processors and each of them knew where to put each and every submission your sales staff brought in. Well that’s what you get with Lenders Access. A team dedicated to seeing that not one of your marketing dollars goes to waste. Lenders Access was built by brokers for brokers and we know what it takes to get loans closed as quickly and efficiently as you would expect. 

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One Submission Is All It Takes…

With Lenders Access you only need to submit your file once. No need to sit in the “submit and wait” cycle. Once you submit your file your dedicated account management teams stacks and then runs your file though our proprietary process to find the best match for your client.


70% of agents do not have the the markets they need to address their needs. Leaving money on the table and increasing cost of acquisition.

Increase your profits with one process…

When you use Lenders Access to stream line your funding process you gain much more than just a network of lenders. You gain the support of a fully staffed back office with account managers who know just where to put your client for the pest possible result.

Supercharge Your Process
Lenders Access agents have 50% more time to originate vs. agents who have to hunt for markets.

Uncomplicated underwriting process

Knowing the underwriting processes of hundreds of lenders is impossible without technology. Without knowing how to navigate the underwriting departments of the lenders on your personal network you waste time and potentially lose business. Lenders Access knows how to get those hard to fund deals through without a hitch.

Increase Your Offer Amounts
Because of the volume Lenders Access puts through our network you will see significant increases in your offer amounts. Up to 80%!

The most crucial point in the process

Managing files during the funding phase is the most crucial period during the underwriting process. Not only do you need to be ready to collect information at a moments notice, but, you also will need to put fires out as they start with the lender. With Lenders Access you have an account manager who will see your file through this process to prevent any mishaps or last minute declines.

Uncompromised Commissions…

Lenders Access makes its money a number of ways subscription fees, lender incentives, and syndication. We commission structures to fit every situation. We understand how expensive it is to find new clients and we work every step of the way to preserve your margins while giving your clients competitive pricing.

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Improve your submission times, approval ratios, and funding amounts with one submission to Lenders Access. We are free to use and easy to work with. Try us today.

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Our Value

Is your brokerage running as efficiently as possible?

Have you done the math on how much time is wasted finding a home for your applications? For most agents this is the most difficult part of the funding process. With Lenders Access you can put those days behind you. Not only do we have the lending programs you need to succeed, but, we manage the file all the way through to funding for you. You always control communication with your clients. We just do the tedious back office work to free you from having too. 

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Code of Ethics
Lenders Access adheres to the guidelines, provisions, and best practices set forth by the various lenders on our network. Lenders Access has adopted its own code of ethics that covers all lending activities provided through the network.

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