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  • How much does Lenders Aceess Cost?

    Lenders Access is free to use for everyone in the industry. Whether you have 2 pieces of business a year or 50 a month. We have a program to fit your operations goals and will work with you to achieve them.

  • Who can use Lenders Access?

    Lenders Access is made for any business to business professional to use. Quite simply, if you have business clients who need financing, we can help you. Lenders Access works with business consultants, CPA’s, business coaches, finance brokers, consumer finance groups, franchise associations, merchant processing agents, and many more.

  • How many lenders does Lenders Access work with?

    Lenders Access works with over 150 different lenders ranging from SBA to Short Term Working Capital. Further more if you have clientele that needs a special program that we do not currently offer. Our specialists will find a source and directly on-board with them to cover your clients needs.

  • Will Lenders Access ``Shotgun`` my clients file out?

    No! We have a proprietary platform that every file is processed through to ensure that the merchants credit is preserved while finding the best possible product for them. Our first job is to make sure your client is protected and only submitted to the lenders that match their current needs.

  • Who owns and controls my file?

    Ultimately, the lender who provides you merchant with funds. But you remain in control of communication and renewal activities with your merchant. Our account managers exist to assist you on the back-end which leaves you with front end control.

  • Does Lenders Accees sell directly to the public?

    No. Lenders Access exists solely to assist brokers, agents, and other b2b enterprises with markets. If a merchant contacts us directly we refer them out to our network of qualifying enterprise brokers.

  • Will Lenders Access help me close my files?

    Yes. Every Account Manager is trained to assist with the closing of sales if necessary. Over time you will build a relationship with your Account Manager and because every file is different you will build strategy to see that your file is funded in the most efficient way possible.

  • How and when are my commissions sent to me?

    After your client is funded, your commissions are passed through to you in real time as soon as they are received. All funds are sent via ACH to your account. If you choose to participate in our same day commissions program you will be sent your commissions as soon as confirmation is received from the lender that your file is funded.

  • Will I be notified when a renewal is avaliable?

    Yes. When your customer is eligible for a renewal on any given file. We will notify you by email and telephone to keep you abreast of the situation as it develops. If the merchant moves forward with the renewal without your participation you will be paid the amount of the commission you would normally be paid.

  • How much commission does Lenders Access pay?

    Every lender and lending program is different. Where an MCS program may pay up to 12% and SBA loan will pay a maximum of 3%. As you progress through the funding process you will be notified of the potential commissions on your deal and presented with buy rates. You control the pricing.

  • How do I submit files to Lenders Access?

    Lenders Access makes business finance and applying for it as easy as possible. You can simply send your file to or use our portal to submit.

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Lenders Access adheres to the guidelines, provisions, and best practices set forth by the various lenders on our network. Lenders Access has adopted its own code of ethics that covers all lending activities provided through the network.

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